oman Owned and Operated

e pride ourselves in our confidentiality


The Cortege offers a Flat-Rate, no hidden fees, guaranteed. The price quoted is the price you pay, period! Other companies quote you a fee than bring up other fees and requests for "tips" at the door, but that will never happen at the Cortege.

And, unlike other Companies - with contradictory web claims - we accept payment in cash, credit and debit cards. But, regardless of payment, your information is kept confidential. All payments are made at the door and never over the phone or web.

Our rate, which includes all fees, costs, commissions, taxes, etc., starts at a flat-fee of $150 an hour. Rates are determined based on the Escort chosen. Please see the profile for each Escort for exact fee.

Payment by credit card: we accept all major credit cards, whether magstrip or chip. Payment will be reflected in the name of The Cortege, LLC.


The Cortege provides a referral to one of the Escorts you have chosen. The Escort will then meet you at a time and place (business or residence) within the City of Phoenix that you designate.

​The Escort will wear formal or informal attire - as the situation dictates - for the engagement, movie, meal, party, event, concert, meeting, or similar activity. The Escort will also wear any special accouterment that you provide, e.g., ring, necklace, corsage, hat, etc. Further, the Escort will accompany and consort with you as a companion at the event, residence, or other locale, and will participate in conversation, dance, and the like.

The Cortege will not provide you or anyone else with a private room, booth, or other secluded area to meet with the Escort. The Escort will meet you at your residence, business, office, hotel, or other place of business - e.g., restaurant, event, venue, concert, spa, theatre, etc.. Patrons must be at least 18 years of age.

Once you have scheduled an escort service you are liable for the fee once the Escort is enroute to your designated location.